Sewer Scope Inspection

Cost-saving sewer line knowledge for homeowners and home buyers.

Whether you’re buying a newly constructed property, purchasing an older home or simply haven’t had an inspection conducted in a few years, sewer scope inspections are worthwhile investments that can assure your sewer lines are in proper working condition.

Sewer scopes are video inspections of your home’s lateral sewer line, the pipeline that leads from your house and connects to either a publicly owned city tap or septic tank. Regular sewer scope inspections can reveal potential blockages, pipe system damage and other problems that might ultimately result in extremely expensive sewer line repairs if not addressed promptly.

Sewer Scope Inspection Process

When adding a sewer scope inspection to a residential inspection, expect your overall inspection length to increase by only 20-30 minutes. Before your AmeriSpec inspector turns on their camera, they’ll check for the telltale signs of sewer line problems. These could be damp depressions in your lawn above the line, backflow into your home, or contaminants in a water test.

All Atlanta’s special sewer line cameras are attached to an external monitor that record the findings. These cameras have the ability to show what’s inside your sewer line, allowing our inspectors to identify cracks, collapses, or root intrusions. After the inspection is complete, your All Atlanta inspector can walk you through the footage, pointing out specific areas of concern.

Homes are huge investments. That’s why contacting an All Atlanta sewer scope professional is a smart decision that might save you thousands of dollars.

All Atlanta sewer scope inspectors use high-tech reels and camera equipment to inspect the condition of your property’s sewer line. Using this camera, an AmeriSpec sewer scope operator looks inside your sewer line, searching for any problem signs which might include cracks, roots growing into your line, or clogs.

Before following a careful sewer scope inspection process, your inspector likely will run water from all taps or faucets, lessening the chance that the camera equipment gets caught inside the sewer line on any debris.

Sewer line repairs can be very pricey, sometimes costing thousands of dollars. If you get an early report on your sewer line’s condition, you can fix potential issues sooner, saving you money in the long run.

Atlanta Pool Inspection

Have your own list of questions or concerns about the property you’re considering buying or selling, and Talk to the inspection company in advance. Or the inspector at the inspection. This will ensure that the clients concerns will be addressed and that any special arrangements can be made ahead of time.
Real estate agents should instruct sellers to ensure that all areas of the home are easily accessible to the inspector. For example, if the attic access point is inside a closet, all clothes and belongings should be removed for ease of entry and exit.

If you’re a homebuyer, it’s especially important to be present during the inspection, especially the last hour. By being there with the inspector and paying close attention, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Have all of your questions and concerns addressed as they arise.
  • Understand the condition of each key component throughout the house and property, helping establish a better understanding of the home and the resulting inspection report.
  • Truly understand any concerns you may have about the Inspection findings that look worse on paper than they really are. Save time and avoid frustration by learning about the function of your new home. You may find out how the heating system works, how to light pilot lights, how to turn on various appliances and components, and where shut-offs are located. The inspector can also point out maintenance needs and procedures, and explain how and when to check on specific items that need periodic maintenance

Read your home inspection report thoroughly. If you have concerns or need clarification—no matter how minor the issue may seem—never hesitate to reach out to your home inspector to find out more.

All Atlanta Inspectors are always willing to go the extra mile to help put your mind at ease. Whether you choose to hire All Atlanta Inspection Services or not, please be sure to use a qualified, trained professional to conduct your home inspection. A home purchase is the investment of a lifetime, and you deserve to have complete confidence in your financial decision.

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